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Information technologies for business
Market research
Electronic commerce
Business automation
Information Security


Markets and consumers analysis with development of the best proposal for your services


Right view of your website on devices with various display size for reaching the maximum audience


Custom developed high-performance e-stores and online services sites


Information security solutions in accordance with the modern challenges and international standards


Web development

AVS Insight implemented web development as a key activity for improving the efficiency of your business by automating processes and increasing sales.

The products being developed can become your organization’s development base, ensuring its accessibility, functionality, interactivity, appeal, and availability 24 hours a day, from any place in the world.

Our team of web designers and web developers, which is creative and extremely passionate about its work, will always try to surpass your expectations.

We develop reliable and SEO-optimized web products that meet the international standards of the World Wide Web Consortium.


Services review

Responsive websites
E-commerce systems
ETL systems
Learning management systems
Customer relationship management
Customer relationship management

Responsive websites


Did you know that 77% of all search queries from mobile devices occur at home or at work (Anna Dahlström, 2014)? Only 17% percent occur while on the move. At the same time, 90% of Internet users are beginning to review sites on one device, and a conversion is committed on another one. Now do you understand the importance of having a convenient and functional web site for mobile devices and desktop computers for successful sales?

We make "smart" sites, which are capable of changing the design and functions depending on the device on which they are viewed. Modern and original design, ease of usage, a high speed of downloading and processing of the data, reliability – this is what distinguishes our products from the others.


Electronic commerce systems


Online shopping websites and services (B2C)

Several sales per minute, regardless of time or where the customer is…a deal organized within days with a group of only five consultants and a small location. Could you imagine this in a real store or office?

Online shopping web sites and services (B2C platform) are developing so rapidly for exactly this reason.

You can improve your business with an online store or online service from AVS Insight. We offer the following:

  • A full development and design cycle for an online store
  • Individual component design
  • Development of web and mobile applications
  • Adding e-commerce components (shopping carts, payment terminals, etc.) to existing websites
  • Integration with existing business accounting programs or electronic document circulation
  • A full range of technical support and maintenance

We also work with e-commerce libraries, using an open source such as Magento, OpenCart, and Zen Cart.

Partner business platforms (B2B)

B2B is an interaction model which describes when one organization supplies goods and services to others.

We develop B2B Internet platforms where your partners can instantly get information about surplus goods; place orders in real time regardless of geography; transfer documents; and anything else necessary for your business.

Adding a B2B platform will simplify and accelerate operations at all stages of cooperation, increasing its efficiency and transparency through interactive control of placing orders, sales and other conversions.

Our B2B platforms integrate with any software connected to the automatization of financial accounting and electronic document management. They may also have a mobile version.


Processing large databases (ETL system)


ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a corporate software which allows you to obtain information from a variety of accounting systems, transform it (standardization), and load it into the data warehouse.

ETL systems are used for analyzing the statistical data of an organization’s current activities to plan its development and management decisions.

An example of ETL solutions is a parent organization’s information standardization and analysis of its dealer network, in which participants use different data structures and electronic database formats.

We develop ETL systems by using efficient software solutions to satisfy our partners’ individual requirements. The software’s stability is tested by time and numerous users.


Learning management systems


Learning Management System (LMS systems) is a software tool for the development and dissemination of educational materials online and control of the learning process. It may be equipped with a visual educational environment, individual tasks, collaborative projects, online lectures, seminars, etc.

LMS systems allow training remotely via the Internet, regardless of where the student is.

AVS Insight develops LMS systems in accordance with international specifications and standards in the field of distance learning.

Customer relationship management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM systems) is enterprise software that automates interactions with customers to improve service and increase the number of sales.

Customer relationship management systems enable you to collect, store, and analyze information about consumers, suppliers, and the internal processes of the company. You can also process subscriber requests to the call center and keep a customer transaction history.


Reworking websites and applications


Instead of creating a new software product based on current trends, improving the existing resources is sometimes more effective.

When the functionality or appearance of software products becomes obsolete and cannot meet the current or projected user expectations, it needs to be updated.

We also consider revision requests for software products, including:

  • Database changes
  • The need for greater adaptability (mobile versions of websites)
  • Design improvement
  • Increasing the range of supported technologies, browsers, operating systems, etc.
  • Increasing productivity
  • The need for integrating other software products
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