Information security solutions

Information Security

Secure information systems are automated systems resistant to data leakage threats and unauthorized or unintended impacts on information and other components. According to the open web application security project OWASP, security threats such as code injection, authentication systems and storage systems sessions violations, intersite scripting, insecure direct object references, intersite request forgery, etc., are widespread nowadays.

The reliability of the process, consisting of several successive stages, is determined by the weakest link. When it is broken, the whole process loses functionality. AVS Insight’s information security solutions include the design and development of additional layers of protection for web sites and applications that operate independently from each other. Even if attackers manage to penetrate one of the layers, the functionality of the entire protection system is not compromised.

Unfortunately, along with the evolution of the software, the number of security threats is rising. We pay great attention to the statistics regarding attacks committed on online resources, developing information security solutions that meet time requirements and international standards. We do everything within our power to create truly reliable software solutions to provide you with a stable and successful business product.

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