Information technologies for business
Market research
Electronic commerce
Business automation
Information Security


Markets and consumers analysis with development of the best proposal for your services


Right view of your website on devices with various display size for reaching the maximum audience


Custom developed high-performance e-stores and online services sites


Information security solutions in accordance with the modern challenges and international standards

Application development


AVS Insight provides comprehensive and complete development and design of corporate and personal websites, as well as further developing and refining existing ones. Modern and original design, ease of use, high processing speed, and reliability – this distinguishes our products from those of others.

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AVS Insight provides a full cycle of mobile application development for environments such as Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, from consulting regarding the purpose of the project to its ultimate realization. We can develop loyalty programs for regular customers, mobile services, and other products.

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AVS Insight develops enterprise applications for desktop computers and automates business processes, depending on specific customer needs. We pay great attention to how our products perform. They can be easily integrated into Internet technologies and other software packages already being used in the company

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Our team carefully monitors statistics data pertaining to attacks committed on online resources. We develop security solutions in accordance with the modern international standards. AVS Insight provides everything necessary so that your business has truly reliable software solutions for a stable and successful product.

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Our Strategies for
Expanding Your Business

Attracting users online

When designing a web site or mobile application, we will provide a continuous stream of users interested in your services via successive campaigns, including geotargeting your city, region, country, or even worldwide.

To develop your brand, we will implement search engine optimization (SEO), utilize context-media advertising companies like Google AdWords, social community promotion, and email marketing.

Converting users into potential customers and buyers

This particular strategy analyzes your brand and industry competitors, which will build the conversion funnel of your online resource. Optimizing this strategy is one of the most important factors for success.

Our employees have a great deal of experience in developing stable and user-friendly content, with compelling calls to action that demonstrate an increase in the number of conversions.

Increase loyalty to your brand and repeat sales

Regular customers and repeat sales are the foundation for the long-term growth of your business.

Once you have sold a product or rendered services, you have earned the trust of the client. You have solved the problem and they have given you their money. However, the client is not guaranteed to come back to you, even if the order was flawlessly executed. In most sectors of the economy, only 2% of visitors made a first purchase; repeat purchases only occur 6% of the time.

We will ensure return customers and stable growth of your company using such technologies as email marketing, retargeting, and content marketing.

Increase the productivity of your business

By designing and implementing software for desktop computers and mobile devices, we can automate the workflow and production cycles of any organization at all stages, starting from the client’s request to providing services and output.

Our products will improve labor productivity via rapid computerized execution of similar transactions with virtually zero inaccuracy or temporary losses.

In addition, this gives company employees more time to communicate with customers and allows creative and innovative activity, targeting company development and the adaptation to a changeable competitive environment.


Technical Expertise

We put great emphasis on continuous improvement of our competence in both traditional, well-established technologies and those most recently published. We do this to ensure that our customers can enjoy reliable and modern web sites and applications, and are proud to offer you a wide-ranging set of IT solutions, tools, and platforms best suited to your business needs.